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ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Massage, that art of laying on hands, has been around for a while and has seen some changes through the years

Gone is the simple back rub with some oil tossed in. Today's list of massage options is long and varied, a veritable smorgasbord of touchy-feely options: deep tissue, hot stone, underwater (watsu), massage for couples, massage for your energy fields (reiki) and even for Blackberry users.

What's next? Remote massage? Teenage texting massage?


But no matter the variation, most experts agree that massage is a good thing.

"It increases blood flow to muscles, and that increases healing and speeds healing time," said professor Allan Platt, who teaches physician assistants at Emory University's School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. "It's also good for obtaining the relaxation affect for the entire body, which lowers blood pressure, lowers the heart rate and decreases stress, which is all good."

But there are times when massage is not the answer. Platt gives examples:

"If there's any damage to bones or muscles that could be manipulated out of place," massage isn't a good idea, he cautioned. "Like a slipped disc or things like that, where it actually may increase irritation of the nerves or the nerve roots. Those are times where it may be beneficial to stay away or stay away from that area."

You probably think of it as the most decadent indulgence, right up there with the rose petal pedicure.  But for the harried woman, a regular massage can work wonders.  “When you are stressed, your body realizes the hormone cortisol, which gets to your muscles and prompts them to create adhesions, which are like scar tissue.” says Shannon Grant, a licensed massage therapist and owner of The Art of Touch Therapeutic Massage Center in Atlanta.  “You can have adhesions in your shoulder and neck just from sitting at a computer all day.”  The Black Woman’s Guide to Healthy Living, Published 2008.

You won last week’s neck-cracking tourney and whittled your cubicle-to-loo time down to 1.2 minutes round-trip. (Take that, Caribbean Rhythms screen saver!)

The bad news? You’ve broadcast this to all within water cooler earshot.

Finally, a cure for your schedule insanity: an hour-long, energy-balancing Thai massage at newly open The Art of Touch Therapeutic Massage Center.

Relax into the center’s comfortable, B&B vibe. Then get your chakras back on track in the beach-themed room (with driftwood and shells) or the couples suite (decked out with love seat, twin robe sets, and private bath).

What will really hook you, though, is how Shannon Grant (Boston’s Carriage House) and the seasoned staff go all out to put you at ease, down to a 24-hour appointment line and a Piedmont Park lunch basket package in the works.

An hour there will always be time well spent.

Especially once you’ve gone idle.  August 2007

Allure "The Beauty Expert" has recognized The Art of Touch Massage Center as one of the "2010 Best of the Best" in massage therapy in their recent Beauty and Spa guide for Atlanta. Check it out