Our Dream

Have you ever had a dream that somehow became reality? We have - our center where we specialize in therapeutic massage has been a long-time dream.

The Art of Touch is a place where our clients can receive a massage that will have long-term benefits, not just serve as a Band-aid to their ailments. Our exceptional therapists have seen the amazing changes massage can make and want to share them with you. They will customize a plan that will truly benefit your health.

Give us your body for an hour and we will give you back your mind.

By the way...our name was chosen because we support local artists. Come and see their talent on our walls.

Meet our Therapists

Shannon Grant, Owner
Shannon Grant, Owner

LMT# MT001038

Before moving to the Atlanta area I was a resident of Boston, MA for seven years. I received my BA degree in Secondary Education from Boston College, where I was able to teach in Austrailia and on an Apache Reservation. After college I was a teacher for two years, but was continuously drawn to Massage Therapy and continued my education at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (which is the state where my wonderful family resides). At CCMT I learned many modalities including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Pregnancy, and Acupressure. I also tutored Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology after graduating.

Education is a big part of my life and I am constantly seeking opportunities to stay fresh in my profession. Most recently I have complimented my massage education by completing courses such as Myofascial Release, Working with Clients with Cancer, Parkinson's Disease and Massage, and Hot Stone Massage. I also have a great love for working with pregnant women and women trying to conceive. I am certified by Nurturing the Mother Seminars which specialize in Fertility Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Postpartum Massage, and Infant Massage.

The Art of Touch opened its doors on July 4th 2007. Dreams do come true and my dream of helping others ease their pain through massage becomes a reality every day. Our therapists are the best I have ever met and they amaze me with their knowledge and professionalism. When we opened our doors we made a promise to be involved with the community. Some of our community events include a monthly book club, Nurturing the Pregnant Couple Seminars, and art shows where we support local artists. I have been able to also join my passion for exercise and massage by volunteering at sporting events such as the ING Marathon, AIDS Walk, and MS Bike-a-thon.

My goal is to give you all your body deserves through massage and education. Join us in our beautiful space and see what others have found in our serene escape.

Anne Cortino, Manager
Anne Cortino, Manager


Initially, I thought massage therapy would relieve my muscular tension and health problems. That's one of the many reasons why I started massage therapy school. However, as time progressed, I found myself happier, with more self confidence, carrying less anxiety, and possessing greater awareness of the relationship between outward stress, and inward pain. My energy levels rose, I slept better, and my posture started drastically improving. It's truly amazing to watch these things and so much more take shape within my clients.

Georgia Career Institute 2006


  • Holistic Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Myofascial Release
Sara Nesselbush
Sara Nesselbush

LMT# MT004150

My journey into the field of healing arts has been an evolving and natural process. I revel in the holistic world, the wealth of knowledge at our fingertips is ever expanding and fascinating. My decision to become part of the community was not a question, it was a necessity. I experienced the modality of massage first hand for years before enrolling at Rising Spirit, which propelled me into this wonderful and inspiring career. If asked to describe my work detailed is the first word that comes to mind. I love the personal journey I embark on with each individual client customizing our session to best suit them and their healing process. I graduated in 2004 and specialize in Neuromuscular Massage, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Swedish, Reflexology, and Assisted Stretching. The sensation of unwinding your stress sends me out of our session just as relaxed as my clients, it's my therapy to massage you. I couldn't think of a more perfect profession, or beautiful space to practice. The Art of Touch has touched me, and I'm eager and excited daily to touch you.

Kristin Gipson
Kristin Gipson


I love being a massage therapist and seeing how it improves peoples’ lives. I became a massage therapist in 2003 and am even more passionate about it now than when I started.

I have had excellent results with clients having chronic patterns of pain from low back and neck pain, rotator cuff injuries, and fibromyalgia. I have worked closely with chiropractors and physical therapists and have seen massage therapy enhance their care. Relaxed, healthy muscles are better able to hold the body in proper alignment.

As a parent and avid outdoor enthusiast, I understand the need to be healthy and feeling good in order to deal with today's complex lifestyle. Massage Therapy allows me to combine my interest in health and fitness with my desire to help others live healthier lives.

I have certifications in Clinical and Neuromuscular Massage, Fijian Barefoot Massage and Thai Massage.

Sarah Espinosa
Sarah Espinosa

LMT# MT005312

It's so amazing when a therapist and client can really connect, which is exactly what we strive for every session at The Art of Touch. As a therapist I am constantly searching for new modalities to fit each client's individual needs as well as wants. My massage education started at the Atlanta School of Massage and I have also explored extra courses in myoskeletal alignment. I am certified in Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, reflexology, and even traveled to Thailand for a better understanding of the art of Thai massage. My quiet sessions provide pain management along with soothing aromatherapy and specific heat therapy to ease you into a relaxed and rejuvenated state. The world may turn your stress on, but let me tune in and in no time you'll drop out.

Janelle Simmons
Janelle Simmons


I first realized my passion for health and wellness when I was in my teens. In high school, I enrolled in elective classes such as Anatomy & Physiology and nursing. These classes sparked a deeper interest in how this complex and extraordinary machine called the human body worked. In college, I studied Health and Physical Education all while working at a physical therapy office in Atlanta. I then began working as a personal trainer for several years until I realized that something was still missing. My passion for helping others achieve an optimal state of well being was still calling. I then enrolled at Atlanta School of Massage. While taking classes there, I realized that massage therapy was indeed my calling. I immersed my mind, body and and spirit in neuromuscular, reflexology, deep tissue, seated and swedish massage therapies. Nothing gives me more gratification than to be able to help you feel better by simply using the art of touch.

Brittney Turner
Brittney Turner

LMT# MT006840 

Studying at The Atlanta School of Massage in 2010 was one of the most profound experiences I’ve had in my life and I feel blessed to be among those who are able to offer such a gift such as  this to people. After working with so many loved ones that lived day to day with such pain and tension in their bodies, and then watching that pain and tension decrease so dramatically using basic techniques made me realize that people don’t have to accept living with pain and the stress associated with it. I made it my mission to become a massage therapist so I would be able to facilitate healing in those who were open and receptive to alternative care. My clients can always expect my absolute attention and energy in order to bring their minds and their bodies to a state of relaxation and harmony.
I am currently a research massage therapist at Emory University, a result of a partnership between ASM and Emory, to bring massage to the scientific world and hopefully one day will be a commonly used modality in hospitals and medical centers. We are currently studying the effects that massage has on people with generalized anxiety disorders as well as cancer related fatigue in breast cancer survivors who are 6 months post treatment.
My current modalities include Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, level 2 reiki and myofascial release. During my sessions I use a complete integral approach so each client will usually receive some combination of all modalities listed. I look forward to being a part of your healing journey

Andrea Burke
Andrea Burke

As an athlete for the majority of my life, I have always been interested in preventing and rehabilitating injuries.  Massage therapy is not only my career, but my passion.  After working in a busy physical therapy clinic for many years, I have adopted techniques, theories, and exercises into my practice.  I have compassion for all my clients, whether they are in pain, trying to prevent an injury, or just want to relax.  I empathize with my clients, therefore I am able to connect on a much deeper level than what meets the surface.  By combining what you tell me, and what my hands tell me, I create a therapeutic session designed specifically for you.  I am certified in Swedish, deep tissue, sports, Active-Isolated Stretching, and Orthopedic massage.  As long as you leave my table smiling and relaxed, I am happy.


LMT # MT007092

Naeema James
Naeema James

Naeema graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage in 2004.  Since graduating from ASM, Naeema has worked in a variety of settings including, health clubs, chiropractic offices, salons, as well as spas.  An American Council on Exercise (ACE) personal trainer from 1998-2011, she has a passion for anatomy.  Naeema enjoys the intricate and focused aspect of deep tissue massage.  However, she enjoys making her clients melt with the soothing and pampering strokes of Swedish massage.  This mother of three toddlers delivers a loving and nurturing touch.

LMT # MT001677

Mary Yao
Mary Yao

I have always had a passion for helping people.  After following the path less traveled, it finally took me to the path of holistic healing and bodywork.  I attended the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts (ASHA) where I was certified in Swedish Massage, Clinical Sports Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT).  I have also delved into Reflexology, Polarity Therapy, Myofascial Release and Nutrition.  It is my goal for every client to leave me feeling relaxed, pain-free and balanced.

LMT# MT007568

Jessica Radzio
Jessica Radzio

I’ve only been in the Atlanta area a short time, but I’m loving it so far!  I attended Virginia Tech for my undergraduate and Master’s degrees in biological sciences.  I then moved to Pittsburgh to work in the field of HIV prevention and eventually went to graduate school for a PhD.  It wasn’t until I turned to bodywork to relieve the stress of graduate school that I realized my calling was not at the lab bench, but at the massage table.  During the completion of my PhD, I attended the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy and found a career as well as a path to personal health and holistic wellness that fits me in a way I never anticipated.
Here at the Art of Touch, I’ve found a place where I can facilitate healing and health by helping clients understanding their bodies and the importance of the mind/body connection.  My sessions are integrative and represent the culmination of my training as a bodywork professional and my own personal experiences in self-healing.  My training includes Swedish, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage and Reiki but I’m always learning new modalities to expand my practice.


LMT # MT007957

Claude Jacobs
Claude Jacobs

My name is Claude Jacobs. I am originally from Beaufort, SC and have recently returned to Atlanta from Sunny San Diego,CA where I worked at the Triple 5star Hotel, Spa and golf resort, the Grand Del Mar and Also San Diego Chiropractic Group for the last four years. I am a Father of an Awesome 12yr old Son Alake'. I love to read history and biographies, workout, take long walks in nature and spend time with my Son. I LOVE what I do, so its not a job for me, its my Passion! I also love to travel, meet new interesting people and cultures. I Love working at The Art of Touch.  Its like working in your home! Very Comfortable and laid back for the Therapist and Guests. I look forward to being here for a long time!


LMT # MT006631

Kat Daniel
Kat Daniel

My path to massage therapy has been an atypical experience. I grew up in North Dakota and in my twenties lived around the United States then eventually settled in Atlanta, GA working in the logistics industry. After seven years working in a high stress corporate environment I decided I needed to make a change so I enrolled at the Atlanta School of Massage night program. I was taught Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Reflexology, and Myofacial Release. After graduation, I quit logistics and now I spend my time helping those close to my heart, the employees of corporate America. In today's high stress world it is so important to give your body a break and I know what that world is like. I also recently learned Manual Lymphatic Drainage for my therapeutic clients and those looking for a full body detox protocol. I can't wait to work with you.


LMT # MT007181

Kimmie DeSue
Kimmie DeSue

I am a UNF graduate with a B.A. in Physical Education and Sport Leadership. I began my young adult career as a high school teacher and basketball coach. While working with teenagers was an amazing experience, I didn't feel as if it were leading me along the path to my greater purpose in life. After my third year I decided to end my tenure. I was given the opportunity to take a three month hiatus in Sydney, Australia to visit an old college roommate who was studying massage. Those  ninety days with her on the other side of the world really opened my eyes potential of helping others through the use of alternative healing. As soon as I got back to the States, I began substitute teaching during the day, massage school at night and waitressing on weekends. After a ten month hustle and bustle I was a certified massage practitioner. Also during that time I had gotten out of serving and substituting to become a personal trainer, which I still practice today.

My experience with massage therapy and personal training have been tremendously rewarding. I've been able to help elite athletes maintain their health and strength, elderly adults maintain their flexibility that would normally decline with age, police officers preparing for SWAT training, amputees feel confident helping themselves, weekend warriors wanting to stay in shape, and the list goes on. Most importantly, this combination has allowed me a chance to educate others on the importance of good nutrition, regular exercise, and overall wellness to live a healthy lifestyle. One of my favorite quotes and principles I base my practice on is, "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." Namaste

LMT # MT008890

Paula Clancy
Paula Clancy

Paula started her journey into the healing arts with Reiki 1 in 1991 in New Hampshire.  She then studied Polarity Therapy in 1992 and in 1994 graduated from the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy in Virginia Beach, VA. This unique curriculum not only teaches massage but also the famous Cayce Remedies which are studied and practiced all over the world.

Paula also has training and experience in pre & perinatal massage, reflexology, Raindrop Technique (aromatherapy), and was on the staff of the C/R School as instructor of Pregnancy massage.

As a member of Conscious Living Partnership in Florida, she started the Atlanta chapter of the organization after moving to Georgia in 2007.  Her prior experience includes working in the  accounting and banking fields and with developmentally challenged clients.

MT # 002976.

Germaine Ehlinger
Germaine Ehlinger

My journey to becoming a massage therapist began over twenty years ago while
studying Dance at Ohio University. As a former dancer, I am deeply interested in
how posture affects chronic muscular stress patterns in our daily lives. I advocate
stretching and strengthening the overworked and underworked muscle groups to
help alleviate muscular and fascial discomfort. . I work closely with you to address
your particular muscular needs, bringing your body into balance with your physical
demands and goals. Each session concludes with specific suggestions for you to
help maintain muscular health and comfort.
I graduated from Atlanta School of Massage in 2005 and my practice includes Deep
Tissue, Swedish ,Neuromuscular Therapy and Pregnancy massage. I am also a Touch
For Health Practitioner‐‐ a healing modality using subtle muscle testing, spinal
reflexes, acupressure, neurovascular and neurolymphatic points, as well as the 14
Meridians of the body. A balance session is performed clothed and can be
completed in 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions and can be combined with a massage
By attending fully to each person’s unique physiology, I strive to facilitate physical
healing one muscle fiber at a time.

GA license #:  MT004226

Akiscia Washington
Akiscia Washington

Akiscia has been practicing massage since 2003. Her focus has been on developing an “integrative” massage that combines numerous therapeutic modalities in order to maximize results along with relaxation during sessions. Each therapy session is tailor-made to meet the client’s individual needs. Akiscia uses a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, reflexology, neuromuscular therapy, and table Thai massage to address muscular tension, trigger points, soft tissue adhesions, and postural distortions.
She believes in utilizing massage therapy in conjunction with other health modalities to help achieve total body awareness. This work has proven to be effective for many painful conditions including: headaches, tennis elbow, joint pain, and plantar fasciitis, along with upper/low back pain just to name a few.
Akiscia strongly believes in the power of relaxation to minimize stress from the body in order for it to naturally heal its self. Even if no condition is present, one can benefit from regular massage due to the general wellness that comes from decreasing stress and increasing circulation. Akiscia graduated from the Georgia Medical Institute and is currently working toward a B.S. degree in Biology from Kennesaw State University.

Lic # MT007839

Amanda Allred

I began massage school in 2003 at Hawaii Healing Arts College in Kailua, Hawaii. While there, I realized how much I loved Hawaiian Lomilomi massage, and have been incorporating that style into my services ever since. I specialize in deep tissue as well. I've worked at several resort, medical, and days spas throughout my career, but I am so happy to have found The Art of Touch. I look forward to going in each day and working with amazing therapists who share my passion, as well as with so many incredible clients.

MT# 007242

Stephanie Sylverin
Stephanie Sylverin

Stephanie Sylverin,  is a Licensed Massage Therapist  with 8 years of spa management experience.  She has a passion for the wellness industry and is dedicated to creating and maintaining a healthy holistic lifestyle.  After years of successfully managing some of the top spa’s in Miami and Atlanta she pursued her massage therapy education at International School of Skin Nails and Massage, where she graduated at the top of her class. 
As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Stephanie, is a firm believer in the healing benefits of incorporating moist heat, aromatherapy, and both eastern and western modalities with her healing touch.

MT # 009089

Zeb Garner
Zeb Garner

Zeb considers bodywork a wholly intuitive art. He has regularly provided 30 hours of massage a week since New Years Eve 2009, and currently expresses his calling at The Art of Touch Massage Center. He practices Tai Chi and yoga, though he enjoys Tai Chi a little bit more at the moment. His favorite snack is carrots and hummus.

MT # 007196

LaKisha Gaines

Lakisha graduated from Rising Spirit Institute, now known as Gwinnett College, in 2002.  She is licensed by the state of GA and practices Swedish massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, deep tissue massage, and trigger point therapy.  Having been in the massage therapy field for so long she has had the opportunity to work in chiropractic offices, with corporate chair massage, and at a variety of sporting events.  She has a B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation, M.A. in Sports Administration, and is a certified spin instructor.  Lakisha believes in relieving the physical as well as the emotional stress, along with taking the time to find out the client's need.


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